Established in 1997, diacriTech is a leading technology-driven publishing service provider specializing in the Education, Scientific, Technical, and Medical [STM], and Trade industry. diacriTech has been providing book, journal, and multimedia publishing services for leading publishers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia for several years. diacriTech leverages its 25 years of domain expertise in futuristic innovations to meet the new and ever-changing needs of academic writing and publishing.

diacriTech has assisted several publishers in establishing an XML-first workflow for book and journal production. In addition to partnering with their initiatives, diacriTech also continuously innovates and incorporates processes to cost-effectively value-add services for publishers. We customize XEditPro – tool and outputs to match publishers’ digital learning platform and marketing requirements where appropriate. We help publishers cater to the needs of many educational institutions and expand their global education presence by providing print and web content simultaneously. Using XEditPro, we have enabled publishers to output content quickly and easily in several electronic formats (EPUB, HTML, PDF, JATS XML, NIMAS, DAISY),  scale their publications, and preserve their digital content for the future.  Publisher’s key stakeholder (Authors) benefit from a completely electronic workflow with reduced manual intervention.

XEditPro has in general contributed to several leading publisher’s vision to grow their resource base and market offerings.

diacriTech’s  long term goal is to tackle the automation of any parts of the production process that have the potential to reduce cost, admin, and/or turnaround times using process improvements and technological advances. This we achieve with our ongoing development led initiatives.

To handle the COVID-19 crisis earlier this year, diacriTech, like many others organizations, had to to shift to working from home while continuing to support customers. Fortunately, XEditPro as a cloud based platform supports remote collaboration and enables business as usual without loss of productivity.