What’s included in XEditPro?


Grammar & Style Checking

Grammar checking, contextual thesaurus, and automated rules ensure consistency and readability while context-sensitive style suggestions is particularly handy

Collaboration Tools

Support for multiple user roles with ability to keep track of changes of each contributor and allow them to share, review, comment on, raise queries and edit

Composing and Layout

Support for customizable style sheet with zero restrictions on design
Layout of page, paragraph, line, header etc. can be fine-tuned with easy access menus

Non-Text Objects

Supports straightforward insertion and manipulation of non-text objects like Images, Symbols, Tables, Equations, Media, Interactives, External links, and Footnotes

Workflow Management

Role-based access, Content Integrity through versioning, Real time status notifications and Workflow customizations improve efficiency

Digital Asset Management

Flexible and scalable cloud-based storage to track rights-managed assets increases probability of assets to be re-purposed

Book Creation

Automated TOC/ Index /Glossary Generation and Custom Book Creation accelerate the pace of Book Making

Issue Making

Allows selecting articles that make up each issue and order them (drag & drop) and insert cover page with ease